Riding Time

Sunday, 2 February 2014


35 km, Slow pace Easy/ Some Traffic/ Uses On-road Cycleways

Contact: Adrian Boss: 9363 9131

Meetup: BIKEast

Starts: Meet middle of Oxford St Mall, Bondi Junction 8.15 for 8.30am start.

Coastal scenic tour (some hills) south to La Perouse; coffee; returning via Yarra Bay / Matraville / Maroubra & UNSW / Randwick. See Coogee and beaches south. Map. ETA BJ 11.30am.

Average travel speed less than 15 km/h.

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Next Meeting

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

6.30pm – 8pm, Barrett House (6 Barrett Pl, Randwick).

Meetup: BIKEast

Bike Buddy Program

or... How to stop worrying and learn to love bicycle commuting


Cycling to work/school/uni/yoga for the first time is more pleasant (and more likely to happen!) when you have someone to share the ride with.

We will match you with a bike buddy who is an experienced cyclist familiar with the local area.

A bike buddy can help you in the following areas:

  • planning a good route from home to work
  • tips for riding in traffic
  • fixing a flat tyre
  • setting up your bike for commuting
  • choosing the best clothing and gear for commuting
  • renting a bike locker

A Bike Buddy will be happy to do a test ride with you to make sure you are comfortable with the route and ride with you on your first trip to work.

Please note: Bike Buddies are volunteers who are keen cyclists willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm to help you get started, however participants are responsible for their own actions whilst riding.

Insurance cover is one of the benefits of Bicycle NSW membership so we ask all intending participants to become a BNSW member. Download the membership form and find out more at www.bicyclensw.org.au

Contact John johnedwardoneill@msn.com to register your interest.

You might also like to consider the bike workshops put on by Waverley Council.

Starting out

Do we need to tell you that cycling is good for your health, the environment and the community at large? And it’s fun!

Getting equipped

Look around bike racks to see what other riders are using. Most cyclists are happy to talk about their bikes. The choice generally comes down to mountain bike, road bike, or hybrids in between. Mountain bikes are more rugged and get fewer punctures while road bikes are lighter and can move along more swiftly.

Add on a mirror if possible. Use a backpack or panniers (no sweaty back) for your books and warm/dry clothes.

First trip

Be visible - dress brightly and/or wear a reflective vest. Don’t be afraid of standing out!

Take the bike to a very quiet street or a park such which has good off-road paths (they do exist!)...

Once stability is achieved then slowly build up your traffic experience. Learn the rules of the road!

Get to know your route

Check out the route on a quiet Sunday morning at first. Then allow for it to be much busier on Monday morning.

Make a big effort to keep away from busy roads until you are very experienced. Faced with worrying traffic conditions – such as turning right on a busy road – dismount on the left and walk the bike across before remounting. You have rights but you must learn how to exercise them!

The Cycling Promotion Fund, the Amy Gillett Foundation and Digicast have produced some Cycling Safety Tips Videos which you might want to watch.

Finding your way

Getting around Sydney on your own two wheels has never been easier thanks to Bike-it! Sydney - a back street guide for cyclists. Look for it in your nearest bike shop or in the better book shops.

Lock up your bike

A good lock can cost between $50-$80. It’s well worth the investment if you have purchased an expensive bike. Securing the frame to the wheels and a stationary pole or bike rack is the best way to go.

Getting home

If it is getting dark make sure you have (as a minimum) a blinking white light on the front and a blinking red light on the rear - it’s for your own safety.

You’ll never ride alone

When you decide to ride you may commute to uni alone but you can be sure that there are a growing number of people out there overcoming the same or similar problems, and enjoying the same sense of liberation.

If you would like expand your cycling and social horizons there are a number of good ways to do so.

Join an organised ride

BIKEast and other BUGs around Sydney (and the rest of NSW) frequently organise rides for BNSW members and their guests. The BIKEast website includes a list of upcoming rides.

Join an organised coincidence

Critical Mass is something that happens. It usually begins happening on the last Friday of the month at the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park. You should turn up if you are curious to see what happens and check out the internet if you want to know why it happens.

Cycle for a good cause

The annual MS Sydney to the Gong and Cycle Sydney rides are always a special days for Sydney’s community of cyclists. They also raise money for good causes. Keep an eye out for these.

Cycle & holiday

Cycle touring puts the adventure back in travelling. It is an excellent and rewarding way to discover the world and meet people. It is also a great excuse for gorging yourself on rich foods at frequent intervals.